First Impressions Team 

These are the individuals who are on the 'front lines' of our Sunday morning gatherings.  These are the folks who do the welcoming, serving, greeting, directing, child check-ins, etc..

Greeters:  These volunteers strive to make each individual who enters our facility feel like an honored guest and help to give direction & information to any guests/visitors.  With a friendly smile and a warm welcome, our desire is to treat every individual like a 'gift from God'.  

Ushers:  These volunteers assist the Pastor before and during the service with helping individuals find seating and assisting in offering portion of the services.

Child Check-in:  These volunteers assist families with children get 'checked-in' to the GROWZONE (our children's ministry area).  They provide info and direction for each child.

Safety Team:  These volunteers assist in providing a safe and secure environment before and during our services.

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