Love God, Love People, & Make Disciples of Jesus.

As a family of believers, our mission is to Love God, Love People, & Make Disciples.  We do this through the preaching/teaching of God's Word from the Bible, intentional strategies, trained leadership, loving actions, & deploying and expecting every partner to invest in the work of Jesus.  In short, our mission is to continue the great work that Jesus Himself started and has commissioned us to do.

Target #1: CFMC will be a loving family that takes care of each other.

Target #2: CFMC will be a welcoming place for all individuals to discover, trust, & love Jesus.

Target #3: CFMC will be an effective partner with Jesus in His ongoing mission of reaching the lost.

Target #4: CFMC will be a caring light in our community through serving & meeting needs.

Target #5: CFMC will be a healhty church that develops people toward spiritual maturity