Tech Team

These are the individuals who make us look and sound better than we really are!!  Performing various services like sound board, multi media slide shows, developing graphics, operating our website, etc..

Sound Tech:  These volunteers work hand in hand with the worship team to enhance the overall sound quality of our services.

Multi Media Operator:  These volunteers run overhead slideshows & images in ProPresenter software. Responsible for running videos & other media for weekend gatherings & special events. Learn basic editing for changes that may need to be made to weekend gatherings.

Photograhers:  These volunteers are needed at various chruch activites and routine functions to capture the moments of our church family.

Graphic Design:  These volunteers assist the staff in designing/developing graphics for sermons, website, facebook, etc.

Website Operators:  These volunteers maintian our church website, keeping it up to date and looking amazing.

Videographers:  Videographers  provide documentary support for a number of church events and church life. They also help to promote upcoming events through video announcements and participate in spacial interest videos shown during the weekend services such as interviews with ministry participants.

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