Worship Team

These people lead us with music into the presence of God each week during our services.  They are gifted with musical skill and use it to glorify God and lead the congregation.  Team members typically serve from one to three weeks per month, depending on their schedule and the need for musicians/singers in the weekly services.

Early Service Team:  Our early service features traditional hymns and worship choruses, organ, piano, and other intruments (such as brass, woodwinds, etc.).  Vocalists and instrumental musicians are welcome.

Second Service Team:   Our second service features contemporary Christian music played  by a worship band.  Positions include vocalists, percussion, bass guirat, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard, and piano.

New members will have an interview with the worship leader as well as engage in rehearsals to determine skill level and compatibility with the team.

If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, simply click the button below:
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