Our Program:

We provide a Christian environment where learning is much more than academics.  We focus on learning, yet understand the importance of fun in the process.  Fully licensed by the state of Michigan, we are a safe and secure place that encourages your child's physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development, yet doesn't make them grow up toofast!

We provide a social experience with children of like age and offer a balance in learning that allows preschoolers to explore, experiment, and inquire first hand.

We provide parents and children a well-qualified and experienced staff, committed to a loving, safe, and healthy environment that fosters an atmosphere of the love of learning, all in the context of a Christian emphasis

We provide a schedule that follows the Coldwater Public School's schedule.  During inclement weather, we follow the decision of our local schools for safety purposes. 


Our Focus:                                                 

* Self-help skills                                                 * School readiness
* Communication skills                                   * Pre-reading skills & concepts
* Socialization                                                    * Pre-math
* Physical development                                  * Pre-science
* Emotional development                              * Pre-writing
‚Äč* Creative art



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Times & Schedules:


4 Year Old                                                             Located @
Monday, Wednesday, Friday                            Coldwater Free Methodist Church 
9:00am-11:30am                                                   200 N Fremont St.
                                                                                 Coldwater, MI 49036
3 Year Old
Tuesday, Thursday

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